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No.1779 | Dec 1, 2022



Academia Sinica Announces its “Strategic Recommendations for Science and Technology Actions towards Net Zero Emission in Taiwan.“


Academician Yu-sheng Lin Has Passed Away




The Awards Ceremony for the 11th Scholarly Monograph Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences


Academia Sinica’s Excellent Academic Environment Fosters Young Scholars—Taiwan International Graduate Program held the seventeenth Certificate Conferral Ceremony


Prof. Dr. Lothar Ledderose and Prof. Kenneth Pomeranz, Invited to Give 2022 “Fu Ssu-nien Lectures”


Knowledge Feast-Popular Science Lecture in Honor of Late President Hu-Shi: “The Encounter of History and Criminology: An Analysis of Burglary Crimes in the Mid-19th Century China”


2022 Young Scholars Workshop on Political Thought


【Exhibition and Open Lecture】In Retrospect: Ethnicity Surveys of Southwest China by the Institute of History and Philology in the 20th Century


Online Exhibition〉The Map Displaying Official Career Paths of Small Golden Placard Graduates




Mechanism in the switch controlling cell death cascade identified


Sex bias in social deficits, neural circuits and nutrient demand in autism mouse models


Detecting different RNAs in the same cell


MEX3A mediates p53 degradation to suppress ferroptosis and facilitate ovarian cancer tumorigenesis