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No.1771 | Aug 11, 2022



Academia Sinica Announces its “Policy Recommendations for Monetary and Financial Reforms in Taiwan.”


Academician Tien T. Tsong Has Passed Away




Knowledge Feast-Popular Science Lecture in Honor of Late President Wu Ta-You: “From Mathematics to Medicine: My Personal View on Medical Education in Taiwan”


The 22nd International Conference of Pescadores Studies: 400 years anniversary of Dutch Construction of the Fort on Hong-kuī-bué (1622-2022)


The First Visualization Workshop


The Bulletin of the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, Vol. 116 is now available


Asia Major, Volume 35 Part 1 is now available online


Taiwan Journal of Anthropology, Academia Sinica, Volume 20 No.1 has been published


Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy Vol.34, No.2 has been published




New Fellow Introduction: Dr. Yu-Chen Chen, Assistant Research Fellow of the Research Center for Applied Sciences


New Fellow Introduction: Dr. Yi-Jyun Luo, Assistant Research Fellow of the Biodiversity Research Center