Academia Sinica Newsletter: Current Issue

Unraveling the promoter effect and the roles of counterion exchange in glycosylation reaction

A breakthrough for treating genetic skeletal dysplasia

Discovery of a novel coral bacterium with a potent ability of releasing climate-cooling gase, dimethylsulfide

The Heart’s Journey of maturation: The Epigenetic Architect Role of RNF20

Unearthing how a carnivorous fungus traps and digests worms

Chloroplast import motor subunits FtsHi1 and FtsHi2 are located on opposite sides of the inner envelope membrane

An ATP-independent Role of Prp16 in Promoting Aberrant Splicing

The counter defense between fungal and plant PR-1 family proteins

Gene co-option, duplication and divergence of cement proteins underpin the evolution of bioadhesives across barnacle life histories

Autism-related KLHL17 and SYNPO act in concert to control activity-dependent dendritic spine enlargement and the spine apparatus

Structural convergence endows nuclear transport receptor Kap114p with a transcriptional repressor function toward TATA-binding protein

Deciphering a Half-Century Enigma: Unveiling the Role of Pathogenesis-Related Protein 1 (PR1) in Plant Immunity

AI Accelerates Protein Design and Enhances Enzyme Activity

Exciting Discovery Reveals Link Between Deep-Sea Fish and Changing Seawater Temperatures

Neutrophil extracellular trap production and CCL4L2 expression influence corticosteroid response in asthma

Unveiling Antigen Presentation and Cross-reactive Antibody Response of an Oligosaccharide-conjugate Vaccine, Paving the Way for Advanced Cancer Vaccines

Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2-mediated thromboinflammation by CLEC2.Fc

N-Formimidoylation/-iminoacetylation modification in aminoglycosides requires FAD-dependent and ligand-protein NOS bridge dual chemistry

Is photorespiration a futile process in C flux? Study of the vacuole glycerate transporter NPF8.4 reveals a novel role of photorespiration in nitrogen flux

Microbial composition is a key for virulence differentiation of coral black band disease

Optimal inference of molecular interaction dynamics in FRET microscopy

Structure of the heterotrimeric membrane protein complex FtsB-FtsL-FtsQ of the bacterial divisome

A new milestone in enhancing the efficiency of heterogeneous chimerism

Agrobacterial T6SS antibacterial weapon influences disease occurrence and microbiota of crown galls

New Experimental Signatures Added to the Arsenal for Dark Matter Searches

A MicroRNA Aiding in the Battle against Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Circulating androgen regulation by androgen-catabolizing gut bacteria in male mouse gut