Academia Sinica Newsletter: Current Issue

New Strategy for lung cancer treatments! Chemotherapy combined with tumor immunotherapy

A new approach for treatment of psoriasis: identification of galectin-7 as a novel regulator of inflammation in psoriasis

Improving nitrogen use efficiency by manipulating nitrate remobilization in plants

Glycosylation of Lysosomal Membrane Protein Plays a Key Role in Colitis and Pancreatitis

Stem cells keep a social distance! Reactivation of endogenous virus in the aging niche eliminates stem cells

Dominant coral-associated bacterium, Endoziocomonas acroporae, can produce climate-cooling gas dimethylsulfide

Traffic Jams on Narrow Roads: A speed bump-mimicking histone mark prevents conflicts during DNA duplication

How can Li+, a monocation with only 2 electrons, prevent suicide and bipolar recurrence?

Human DNA Polymerase μ Can Use a Noncanonical Mechanism for Multiple Mn2+-mediated Functions

Late-Time Kilonova Observations Can Shed Light On the Synthesis of Nature’s Heaviest Nuclei

The C-terminal D/E-rich domain of MBD3 is a putative Z-DNA mimic that competes for Zα DNA-binding activity

IES Research investigates the impact from ocean acidification to coccolithophore species Ochrosphaera neapolitana.

Pseudaminic acid plays a critical role in phage-assisted preparation of glycoconjugate vaccine with high antigenicity