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1.Wei Chen, “Newly Discovered Bamboo and Wooden Slips and the System of Registration (Fuji傅籍) in the Qin and Early Han Dynasties.”
2.Shuijie Zou, “Textual Research on the Official Title of Miao Yu: With Focus on the Stone Inscriptions inside His Tomb from the Later Han Dynasty.”
3.Shu-fen Liu, “Bamboo Groves, Waterfalls and Mountain Caves—Sacred Monasteries and Arhat Caves as Portrayed in the ‘Painting of the Five Hundred Arhats at the Monastery of Immense Virtue’.”
4.Qi-lin Yang, “The Political and Religious Interaction between the Qing Empire and Khalkha Mongolia, 1723–1733: The Selection of the Second Jebtsundamba and His Ordered Move to Dolon Nor.”

Full articles are accessible online:

Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Volume 93 Part 4 is now available online