The newest issue of the Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy has just been published by the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences. Articles in this issue (Vol.34, No.4) include:

1.Yu-Sheng Lin, “Deliberation in Social Movement: A Comparison of the D-Street in the Sunflower Movement and the General Assembly in the Wild Strawberry Movement”
2.Hung-Jen Yang, “The Globalization of Yiguandao: From Taiwan, Malaysia to the UK”
3.Ko-Hua Yap,“Intermarriages around the Hoklo-Hakka Borders, 1905–1945”
4.Chien-Chia Liu and Ying-Hwa Chang,“Ethnic Language Proficiency of Indigenous Peoples under Social Changes: The Impact of Marriage and Migration Patterns”
5.Cho-Hsin Su, “Cooperation under the EU-China Systemic Rivalry”
6.Chih-Mei Luo, “Hungary’s Democratic Recession and the Impasses of EU Governance: A Challenge to Economic Liberalism”

Detailed information may be obtained on the Journal’s website:

Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy (Vol. 34, No. 4) has been published