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In 1949, Panerai developed the Luminor, which can emit light by itself, and registered a patent for this tritium-based compound, replacing the radium paint. In 1950, it launched the Luminor series, the most recognizable watch of the brand. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Luminor series, and the brand has launched a number of new works to commemorate it. Although 70 years have passed, all the DNA of the original has been inherited in the latest generation of Luminor series. The large pillow-shaped case, the distinctive crown bridge, the lugs cast integrally with the case, the sandwich dial, and the huge The Arabic numerals are highly recognizable.

At present, the VS factory, the manufacturer of Panerai Replica Watches, has also launched this replica version tribute to the classic legendary luminous 1118. The luminous design is the same as real. In fact, this watch has no highlights at first glance, and is very similar to 1661, except In addition to the different colors, they are all carbon fiber shells, 44MM diameter, and dial layout are very similar. The difference is that the 1118 luminous is very unique, the inner layer of the bezel, the dial scale, the pointer, including the bridge, the head , The stitches of the strap, all have luminous. The exclusive agent website store of VS factory is findreplicawatches, please visit.

Panerai Replica Watches Online Shopping

Let's take a look at the workmanship of the VS factory. The first is the carbon fiber material. We can clearly see the carbon fiber lines on the case. Its mirror surface is a sapphire glass mirror with curvature, which is very transparent. The dial of the Panerai 1118 luminous repica watch has a classic sandwich structure, and the corresponding positions of the hour markers and small seconds are hollowed out to reveal a green fluorescent coating. The dial is black with a slight radiation pattern effect, the layout of the dial is still classic Panerai elements, the second dial at 9 o'clock, the calendar window at three o'clock, the central axis is the minute and hour hands. The scale is a recessed scale. There is no flaw in the workmanship of the entire dial.

The new replica watch is equipped with a Carbotech case, which is made of carbon fiber sheet and organic polymer PEEK bonded under a specific temperature and ultra-high pressure. It not only presents a uniform wave-like appearance, but also is light and strong. Its strap is a nylon watch Belt, and the first batch of gift a leather strap, including the buckle (you can contact the customer service of The back of Panerai Replica Watches has a dense bottom design, and the lettering on the back is also very clear. The 70YEARS lettering in the middle represents the 70th anniversary of the birth of Panerai's Luminos series, and it promises a 70-year warranty. The movement is equipped with VS factory exclusively re-engraved the P.9000 movement. Although the model is different from the original version, it has the same function and excellent stability. I believe everyone also knows Las Vegas replica watches the reputation of the VS factory movement.

This panerai PAM1118 replica watch, in addition to the scales and hands on the dial, the crown, crown guard, lock lever, and the stitching of the strap have all appeared luminous. Such a bold innovation really makes the luminous of the diving watch. Reached a whole new level. The VS factory, as the industry's leader in replicating Panerai, has outstanding design and exquisite workmanship. Watch friends who like Panerai should not miss it.