Rolex Submariner Hulk - Rolex Hulk Clone

newsletter brought you the most well-known Rolex Submariner Hulk and its cloned version to buy. Its full number is 116610LV-97200. Rolex Submariner Hulk can be said to be the most famous watch in many Rolex series, even friends who do not know the watch at all have heard of its name. As such a popular watch, there are many factories producing its cloned version. The first and most famous is the rolex hulk clone of the N factory. The earlier rolex submariner hulk of the N factory was not so mature, and the previous versions had some flaws and were not so satisfactory. The V10 version finally overcomes various shortcomings. To the satisfaction of everyone, the subsequent V10S realized a solid bottom axis, which was perfect. Put the purchase link rolex hulk clone.

First, lets look at a comparison chart of a set of Rolex Submariner Hulk replica vs real of the N factory
Rolex Submariner Hulk clone vs real
At first glance, if there is no text logo, there is no difference at all, the position and size of the calendar mirror are all very standardized, 1:1 made according to the genuine Rolex Submariner Hulk. After the calendar mirror is upgraded from the v10 version, its filling process will be more delicate, there is no overflow or dryness at all, and the display is very full, this time it is impossible to judge its true or false through the calendar mirror. The dial looks like a genuine product under different light conditions. The buckle has the same shape and size. Put the purchase link of the real version rolex submariner hulk.
The calendar window is the same size, and the sapphire glass mirror has no difference in transparency. Solid bottom bracket. The Rolex Hulk Clone strap is made of 316L stainless steel, which is different from the 904L steel of V10S, but there is no difference in color. The lugs are polished finely, without cutting hands, nor too round, and the bottom cover is consistent. The Rolex logo on the buckle is the same size.

Observe Rolex Hulk Clone
The ceramic ring mouth, the emerald green color is perfectly restored. The teeth are polished very finely. Sapphire glass mirror, the bubble mirror at 3 o'clock is coated with blue film, and its laser crown is just right. Clear lettering on the inside of the bezel. The entire disk surface is flawless, the radiation pattern effect is restored very well, and the metal edging of the scale nails is polished and rounded. The Rolex LOGO and lettering below 12 o'clock are clearly printed with multi-layered brushes, which is more three-dimensional. The calendar font is centered without offset. The printing is very delicate, without burrs. The lettering below is also very clear, and the font size is consistent with the real Rolex Submariner Hulk. Get more rolex submariner clone. In general, this Rolex Submariner Hulk Clone Watch is restored very well and is suitable for everyone to buy. Those who pursue higher quality can choose V10S from N factory.