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Congratulations to Academician Simon M. Sze being elected the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award from Flash Memory Summit, USA
Rules are Made to be Broken: Academician Ming-Daw Tsai’s Research Team Uncovers how a Viral DNA Polymerase Breaks the Golden Watson-Crick Rule
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Rules are Made to be Broken: Academician Ming-Daw Tsai’s Research Team Uncovers how a Viral DNA Polymerase Breaks the Golden Watson-Crick Rule

   Two new books edited by Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy Research Fellow PENG Hsiao-yen have recently been published. From Eileen Chang to Ang Lee and Modern China and the West are two compilations of scholarly articles that make valuable additions to two current English-language book series on East Asia.

   "Lust, Caution" by Eileen Chang, China's most famous female author of the twentieth century, was adapted into an espionage thriller by Taiwan film director Lee Ang in 2007. The release of the film became a trigger for heated debates on issues of national identity and political loyalty, and brought unexpectedly harsh criticism from China, where Ang Lee was labelled a traitor in scathing internet critiques, whilst the film's leading actress Wei Tang was banned from appearing on screen for two years. From Eileen Chang to Ang Lee analyses Ang Lee's art of film adaptation through the lens of modern literary and film theory while featuring detailed readings and analyses of different dialogues and scenes, directorial and authorial decisions and intentions. At the same time it confronts the intense political debates resulting from the film's subject matter.

   From Eileen Chang to Ang Lee, jointly edited by Dr. Peng and Dr. Whitney Crothers Dilley of Shih Hsin University in Taiwan, is published by Routledge. It is part of the Academia Sinica on East Asia Series (with Academia Sinica Vice President Fan-Sen Wang as series editor) that features monographs by scholars in the humanities and social sciences at Academia Sinica. This volume is expected to appeal to students and scholars of Chinese and Asian cinema and literature, as well as those interested in modern Chinese history and cultural studies.

   In Modern China and the West, the authors investigate the significant role translation plays in the act of cultural mediation. They pay attention to the transnational organizations and regulating authorities that bring about cross-cultural interactions, and see translation as a "shaping force" and assert that translators and cultural actors need to negotiate among multifarious institutional powers that coexist. This volume, co-edited by Dr. Peng and Dr. Isabelle Rabut, professor of modern Chinese literature at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO), Paris, is published by Brill. It is part of a book series entitled East Asian Comparative Literature and Culture that seeks to address the need for a deeper contemporary understanding and appreciation of the East Asian region.

   Dr. PENG Hsiao-yen, research fellow at the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy since 2000, has been with the institute since 1990. Her research focuses on literary theory and cultural studies, interdisciplinary and transcultural studies, Taiwan literature in the transnational context, and Eurasian literary and cultural relationships. She is the author and editor of several books in English and Chinese including Dandyism and Transcultural Modernity: The Dandy, the Flaneur and the Translator in 1930s Shanghai, Tokyo and Paris (Routledge 2010, Chinese version Lianjing 2012) (author), and China and Its Others: Knowledge Transfer through Translation 1829-2010 (Rodopi 2012) (co-editor).

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