The 2019 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting will take place from 30 June to 5 July in Lindau, Germany. Two young promising researchers from Academia Sinica are among the 580 young scientists selected by the Lindau Selection Committee to attend the annual Lindau Meeting. This year’s meeting is dedicated to physics. The key topics are cosmology, laser physics and gravitational waves. A total of 42 Nobel Laureates will take part in the meeting. Never before have so many Nobel Laureates announced their participation in a Lindau Meeting on physics.

The young scientists selected for 2019 are outstanding undergraduates, PhD students and post-docs under the age of 35. About 140 science academies, universities, foundations and research-oriented companies contributed to the nominations. The selected candidates have successfully passed a multi-stage international selection process. The percentage of women participants is 34, which is good by international standards considering that men are still in the majority in physics.

The two candidates from Academia Sinica, who successfully passed a multi-step international selection process are Dr. Jake A. Tan, post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, and Miss Yu-Jing Chiu, PhD student of the TIGP (Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology program, or SCST program).

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings take place every year since 1951 and are designed as a forum for exchange, networking and inspiration. Excellent young researchers meet the most acclaimed scientists of their field in Lindau. In 2017, Academia Sinica signed a MOU with the Lindau Council and the Lindau Foundation to become an academic partner of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.