The issue contains 3 articles and 2 book review.

1.Lin Hengfen, “Suppressing Bands of Outlaws and Safeguarding State Interests: The Japanese Government and South Manchurian Mounted Bandits, 1904-1922”
2.Zhao Shuai, “Students, Political Parties, and Public Opinion in the May Fourth Movement: The Disinformation Affair of Fu Sinian and Luo Jialun”
3.Yu Miin-ling, “Soviet Elements in the Early Practice of Criticism and Self-Criticism in the Chinese Communist Party”

Book Review
1.Wang Tianchi, “Kim Hanbark, An Era of Exile: The Qing Dynasty and Punishment
2.Sheng Chaicai, “JosephW. Esherick, Accidental Holy Land: The Communist Revolutionin in Northwest China

Full articles are accessible online:

The Bulletin of the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica,  Vol. 118 is now available