Membrane protein FtsB-FtsL-FtsQ (FtsBLQ) complex are essential component of divisome, which play important roles in the divisome assembling and the division-mediated peptidoglycan synthesis regulation, yet with the unclear mechanism. In the latest publication in Nature Communications, a crystal structure of the trimeric FtsB-FtsL-FtsQ complex was revealed for the first time, from a fruitful collaboration between Dr. Che Alex Ma’s lab in the Genomics Research Center and Dr. Yu-Ling Shih’s lab in the Institute of Biological Chemistry. A structure-based model that delineates the mechanism of the regulation of peptidoglycan synthases by the FtsBLQ complex were also proposed accordingly in this study.

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Structure of the heterotrimeric membrane protein complex FtsB-FtsL-FtsQ of the bacterial divisome