Dr. Po Hung Liu’s research targets the “Three Rites”, namely the Rites of Zhou, the Book of Rites and the Etiquette and Ceremonial, which are listed among the classics of Confucianism. His research explores how the “Three Rites” interacted with the traditional order, which involves the subtopics of the system, the regulation, spread of information, enlightenment, and so on. In 2014, Dr. Liu was granted the doctoral candidate status in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Academia Sinica with his paper studying the “Three Rites”, the ceremony, and the etiquette, in Tang Dynasty. After he received his PhD in Chinese Literature at National Chengchi University in 2016, shortly, he was appointed as the Postdoctoral Fellow of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy at Academia Sinica. Then he was appointed as the Assistant Fellow of the institute in July 2018.

Currently his research centers on the principles of “Three Rites” in Ming Dynasty in order to outline the development track of the principles of “Three Rites” later from Song to Qing Dynasty. In the future he expects to research further not only in the traditional principles of “Three Rites”, but in the general phenomena of how the significant axial civilizations over the world and the classics developed. How to initiate the cross-cultural comparative research of classics study will draw more attention and bear special meanings.