Dr. Kuan-wen Wang received her Doctoral degree from Department of Archaeology at University of Sheffield, UK. Her major area of research is archeological science. Her interests of research and professions consist of four sections which are (I) the scientific analysis of glassy, ceramics, and metal artifacts, (II) the prehistoric production and consumption of glassy artifacts in Taiwan and Southeastern Asia, (III) the prehistoric development of complex society and societal organizations in Taiwan, and (IV) the prehistoric trade and other interactions in South China Sea area.

After Dr. Wang returned to Taiwan, she was inducted as Postdoctoral Fellow of Institute of History and Philosophy at Academia Sinica. She not only conducted archaeological research under the project led by Kwang-tzuu Chen, Research Fellow of Institute of History and Philosophy, but concerned about the popular science education of archeology. Dr. Wang says that she is honored to be one fellow of Institute of History and Philosophy and she will dedicate herself to the interdisciplinary research and education of archeology and scientific analysis, on the purpose of facilitating the communication between science and humanities.

Dr. Wang will be inducted as Assistant Research Fellow of Institute of History and Philosophy on July 1, 2018.

(Department of Secretary)