Dr. Di-Lun Yang received his PhD in Physics at Duke University, U.S. Before joining Academia Sinica, Dr. Yang had done postdoctoral research in University of Crete, RIKEN, Kyoto University, and previously worked in Keio University as a non-tenured assistant professor.

Dr. Yang’s research focuses on quantum field theories under extreme conditions such as high temperature, high density or with strong fields and the related transport phenomena in high-energy nuclear physics and astrophysics. In recent years, he mostly worked on quantum transport theories associated with spin and chirality in relativistic heavy ion collisions and core-collapse supernovae. In particular, he had made several achievements to recent developments in the quantum kinetic theory as a theoretical framework for analyzing non-equilibrium chiral transport and dynamical spin polarization of relativistic fermions, which could have potential applications in various areas of physics.

Dr. Yang was appointed as an Assistant Research Fellow of the Institute of Physics in April, 2021.

New Fellow Introduction: Dr. Di-Lun Yang, Assistant Fellow of the Institute of Physics