Dr. Chung Pang Mok received his PhD in Mathematics at Harvard University, US in 2007, under the supervision of Professor Barry Mazur. Dr. Mok had previously held positions at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, McMaster University, Canada, Morningside Center of Mathematics of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China, and Purdue University, US.

Dr. Mok’s research focused on algebraic number theory, automorphic forms and their L-functions, and the application of trace formula in Langlands’ Program. Recently he develops an interest in the research on the KPZ fixed point in probability theory and statistical mechanics.

Dr. Mok was appointed as the Research Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics in July, 2018. For more information about his research, please refer to the following website: http://www.math.sinica.edu.tw/www/people/websty1_14.jsp?owner=mokc

New Fellow Introduction: Dr. Chung Pang Mok, the Research Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics