Dr. Cheng-Shiuan Lee received his Ph.D. in Marine Sciences at Stony Brook University (SUNY). His dissertation was focused on methylmercury bioaccumulation and trophic transfer in the marine food chain. After his graduation, Dr. Lee was hired as Research Scientist at the NYS Center for Clean Water Technology. His research was to investigate the occurrence and distribution of various contaminants of emerging concerns (CECs) in the aquatic environment, develop methods for ultra-trace analysis, and explore novel technologies to remove contaminants in water.

Dr. Lee has been appointed as Assistant Research Fellow in the Research Center for Environmental Changes since August 2022. He will study CECs in the marine environment in Taiwan, understand their source and sink and their interaction with marine organisms, and evaluate any potential ecological impacts.

New Fellow Introduction: Dr. Cheng-Shiuan Lee, Assistant Research Fellow of the Research Center of Environmental Changes