Time: 10:00-12:00am, Friday, April 21, 2023
Place: 1F Auditorium, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
Speaker: Dr. John M. Martinis (UC Santa Barbara)
Host: Academician Mei-Yin Chou (Vice President of Academia Sinica)
Website: https://www.phys.sinica.edu.tw/lecture_detail.php?id=2721&eng=T
Registration: https://forms.gle/1U2GDLLUpcQ3LTnu5
Contact: Ms. Yuwen Chen,02-27898372,yuwenc@gate.sinica.edu.tw

Abstract: Quantum computing has entered a compelling scientific era as now quantum algorithms can be run on multiple physical systems. Building even larger machines with error correction is a significant engineering challenge that will require good systems engineering practices. Here I discuss some scientific and technical strategies and ideas that will be important to consider when transitioning from scientific research to development of a complex engineered system. Also considered will be constraints specific to quantum computers, for example the inability to copy information and the need for complex control systems.

My trek from fundamental to industrial research: quantum systems engineering