We are pleased to announce the new publication of issue 24.2 of Language and Linguistics. This issue includes 7 articles:

1.Jung-Im Chang, “The grammaticalization of verbs of location movement into noun-phrase conjunctions in Archaic Chinese”
2.Yi-Hsun Chen, “The anatomy of Chinese Superlative Modifiers: The case of Q-adjectives”
3.Rui-heng Ray Huang, “On the syntax of assigning you constructions in Mandarin Chinese”
4.Gerd Jendraschek and Myung-Chul Koo, “From reciprocity to competition: Subjectification of reciprocal pronouns in Korean”
5.Masaki Nohara, “Old Chinese ‘egg’: More evidence for consonant clusters”
6.Jackson T.-S. Sun, “Gser-Rdo: A new Tibetic language across the Rngaba‑Dkarmdzes border”
7.Jialei Zhu, “A more special use of the third person singular pronoun in Shanghainese”

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https://www.ling.sinica.edu.tw/item/en?act=journal&code=directory&volume=24&period=2 for the Open Access articles and further information of Language and Linguistics.

Language & Linguistics 24.2 is now available