We are pleased to announce the new publication of issue 23.4 of Language and Linguistics. This issue includes 5 articles and 1 acknowledgement:

1.Jung-Im Chang,“The origin and the development of 焉 yān in Old Chinese”
2.Jie Cheng,“The ambiguity with pa-nominalization in Lhasa Tibetan”
3.Miao-Ling Hsieh and Su-Ying Hsiao,“On the “one+verbal classifier” sequence as a delimitative aspect marker in Taiwanese Southern Min”
4.Chinfa Lien,“Formation and constraints of scalar structure in Taiwanese Southern Min”
5.Haiping Long, Xianhui Wang and Lei Wang,“Formation of Modern Chinese speech-quotative nǐ shuō ‘you say’ and feedback-seeking nǐ shuō ‘you tell me’ ”

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Language & Linguistics 23.4 is now available