We are pleased to announce the new publication of Volume 22.1 of Language and Linguistics. This issue includes the following 5 articles:

1. Gregory D. S. Anderson and Bikram Jora,“Introduction to the templatic verb morphology of Birhor (Birhoɽ), a Kherwarian Munda language”
2. Marc Miyake,“Studies in Pyu phonology, I: Onsets”
3. Jonathan Smith, “Diverse sources and an internal foundation for voiced onsets in Northern Mǐn”
4. Cheng-Yu Edwin Tsai,“Exhaustivity and bare numeral phrases in Mandarin”
5. Hongling Xiao, Fang Li, Ted J.M. Sanders, and Wilbert P.M.S. Spooren,“How subjective are Mandarin reason connectives? A corpus study of spontaneous conversation, microblog and newspaper discourse”

Please see: http://www.ling.sinica.edu.tw/LL/en/ejournal