The newest issue of the Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy has just been published by the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences. Articles in this issue (Vol.35, No.1) include:

1. Ching-ting Huang, Fu-jun Xiao and Ming-jen Chang, “Exchange Rate Pass-Through Analysis Using Industrial Import Price Indices in Taiwan”
2. Wen-chung Guo and Fu-chuan Lai, “Access Pricing and Investment in Next-Generation Networks under Duopolistic Competition”
3. Tsung-sheng Tsai, “Introduction: Special Section on Microeconomics”
4. Mei-han Jung, Chun-yen Wu, Loretta Fung and Jin-tan Liu, “International Trade and Wage Inequality: An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Manufacturing Firms”
5. Da-kai Wu, Yi-shin Chen, Joe Chen and Shi-wan Lou, “Property Tax Capitalization: Evidence from the Municipal Merger Reform in Taiwan”
6. Hui-chen Wang and Ming-Feng Hsieh, “Dynamic Retirement Patterns and the Duration of Working Life”

Detailed information may be obtained on the Journal’s website:

Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy (Vol.35, No.1) has been published