The newest issue of the Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy has just been published by the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences. Articles in this issue (Vol.34, No.1) include:

1. Yung-Ming Yen, “The Dynamics of Transitional Justice in Aceh: From Helsinki MoU to Aceh KKR”
2. Shiow-duan Hawang and Min-suei He, “Gender Differences in the Guessing Effect of ‘Don’t Know’ Designs in Political Knowledge”
3. Jia-wei Liu, “Anti-Party Sentiment on the Internet in the Nine-in-One Election in 2018: Dimension and Source in Big Data”
4. Mei-chuan Wei, “Populism and Development of Democratic Politics: The Case of India”
5. Yu-he Hsiao, “For a Left Populism: Reflections on Theory and Strategy”

Detailed information may be obtained on the Journal’s website:

Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy (Vol.34, No.1) has been published