The newest issue of the Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy has just been published by the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences. Articles in this issue (Vol.30, No.3) include:

  1. Hahn Hsu / Principles, Situations, and the Normativity of Morality
  2. Chung-Yang Yeh / Pension Liberalisation? Institutional Change of the Japanese Corporate Pension System
  3. Chinn-Ping Fan and Jen-Chieh Chen / Theoretical Review, Policy Experience and Simulation Study of Spectrum Auction System
  4. Chia-Lin Chang and Wan-Wen Chu / Factors Determining Differences in Performance between the Large and Medium Chinese Steel Enterprises

Detailed information may be obtained on the Journal’s website:

Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy, Vol. 30, No. 3 is Now Available