Quantum computation is a critical technology for changing the future, with many countries dedicated to developing this field. While attending the press conference “Quantum Taiwan” on December 7, Academia Sinica President James Liao said that AS would establish a Quantum Technology research center, joining forces with various domestic research institutes to fuel research energy in key areas of this field. Based on the cultivation of new talent, AS seeks to pave the way for Taiwan to make scientific advances towards entering the quantum age.

The cultivation of quantum technology requires both talented scientists and sufficient facilities in basic science. President James Liao stressed that, as a development base for basic science in Taiwan, Academia Sinica bears responsibility for assembling and cultivating top quantum research teams, linking resources in Taiwan, and building a national-level hub that will be crucial for the quantum industry in the future.

AS will continue to conduct research in quantum science, building on current advances in quantum computation, quantum metrology, 3D IC stacking technology, and quantum information security. Additionally, the Thematic Center for Quantum Photonics has been set up to enhance AS’ advantages in this field and recruit scientists from Taiwan and abroad.

The Quantum Research Laboratory Building will be established at AS’ Southern Branch due to specific research requirements, while closer proximity will facilitate stronger connection and better cooperation with universities in southern Taiwan.

According to President Liao, the national-level Quantum Technology research center will be ideal for attracting talent from Taiwan and abroad, and forming the core of its quantum development. At this crucial moment of the nation’s evolution, “Academia Sinica will do its best to take a quantum leap!”