Institutum Iurisprudentiae has published Issue No. 32 of Academia Sinica Law Journal. It contains the following articles:

Pi-Fang Wang, “On the State Liability for ‘Public Service Fault’ in France”
Richard Li-Dar Wang, “Traditional and Emerging Approaches to Promote Competition Policies: Moving from Competition Advocacy Towards Market Investigations”
Sieh-chuen Huang, Yun-chien Chang & Su-Li Her, “Discrimination after Death? An Empirical Study on Gender Preference in Distributing Estates by Will”
Li-Ju Lee, “Between Status and Contract: The Channelling Function and the Development of Taiwanese Marriage Law”

Kuan-Ting Chen, “The Tyranny of Efficiency: A Critical Review on the Methodological Thesis in Professor Yun-chien Chang’s INTERPRETING PRIVATE LAW: A SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC APPROACH”

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Issue No. 32 of Academia Sinica Law Journal is Now Available