Institutum Iurisprudentiae has published Issue No. 24 of Academia Sinica Law Journal. It contains the following articles:

1. Heng-Wen Liu, “The Politicization of the Judiciary in Post-War Taiwan: The KMT’s Control of Judicial Personnel Administration before 1990 and Its Aftermath.”
2. Ching-Yi Liu, “A Re-Examination of Technology Transfer and Conflicts of Interest: A Focus on Biomedical Research in American Law.”
3. Shin-Rou Lin, “Patients Decide? Physicians Decide? Insurer Decides? The Causes, Meaning and Ethical Implications of Medical Futility.”
4. Chih-Ming Liang, “Theorizing Interdisciplinary Legal Interpretation and Application with Sociological Theories: Debates between Local Customs and National Standard in the U.S. and between the Medical Norm and the Medical Standard in Taiwan as Examples.”