Below is a list of newly released data of the Survey Research Data Archive (SRDA):

Government Surveys

  • Mobile Phone Users’ Digital Opportunity Survey (2017)
  • Digital Opportunity Survey (New Immigrants) (2017)
  • Civil Organizational Activities Condition Survey (2013)
  • Survey on Use of Hakka Language by Taiwan Hakka Population (2003-2007, 2009-2010, 2012-2013)
  • Manpower Utilization Quasi-longitudinal Data: 2016-2017


Ministry of Science and Technology Project and Academic Surveys

  • The Short-Term and Long-Term Effect of Socioeconomic Backgrounds, Preschool Education to Academic Achievement in Elementary Schools: Does the Expensive Private Preschools Present a Label of Cultural Capital?
  • Taiwan’s Election and Democratization Study, 2012-2016 (IV): The Survey of the Presidential and Legislative Elections, 2016 (TEDS2016)
  • Destination Fascination: Scale Development and Model Validation
  • Construct Analysis and Scale Development of Emotional Blackmail in the Workplace
  • Ageing Literacy, Professional Training and Performance Evaluation on Educators for the Elderly: Perspectives from Positive Ageing
  • The Construction of Leisure Orientation Theory- Construct Development and the Empirical Study of Its Antecedents and Consequences
  • The Study of Social Networking Sites, Networked Individualism and Social Capital Users
  • Selfies on Facebook: Practices and Interpretations
  • The Effects of Work-Leisure Conflict- an Empirical Study from the Perspectives of Work, Leisure and Health
  • The Relationship amongst Environmental Consciousness, Institutional Groups and Environmental Management
  • Patient Compliance and Quality of Life Related Factors in Breast Cancer Women Undergoing Anti-Hormone Therapy
  • An Empirical Study on the Effect of Healthcare Privacy Policies on Patients’ Concern for Information Privacy: An Example of Hospital Portal’s Privacy Notices
  • The Relationship between Social Support and Leisure Constraints Negotiation Process
  • Strengths Based Family Intervention and Recovery for Persons with Psychiatric Disability and Their Families
  • Self-Mockery, Involvement and Crisis Communication Effects: A Dynamic Perspective
  • The Relationship among New Immigrants Mothers’ Parental Efficacy, Co-parenting of Their Spouses and Parents-in-Law and School-Aged Children’s Life Adjustment
  • A Study on the Construction and Development of Karma Belief Scale for Undergraduate
  • Strategic Orientation of the Firm and New Product Performance: The View of the Complementary Combination Approach
  • Tourist-Resident Conflicts: A Scale Development and Empirical Study
  • Similarity and Diagonal Based Importance-Performance Analysis under Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment
  • The Study of School Leadership Virtues in Junior High Schools
  • Modeling Team Performance from Different Theoretical Perspectives
  • Exploring The Function of Long-term Care Centers and Service Delivery in Remote Area from The Perspectives of Supply and Demand: A Mixed Method Approach
  • How do Strategic Star Manpower and Corporate Image Enhance Firm Performance in Taiwanese Major League Baseball?
  • Branding among News Media: Producer-based and Customer-based Brand Equity and Brand Extension
  • Relationships between Social Capitals, Help-Seeking Motivations, Self-Regulation Learning and Teachers’ Beliefs about Education among Student Teachers
  • The Effects of Organizational Information System Resources and Functional Dimensions on Green Supply Chain Management Systems Implementation Success
  • The Impacts of Mode Choice to School on a Child’s Health: Physical, Mental and Social Health
  • Institutional Change and Diffusion in Aging Trend: The Institutional and Innovation Perspectives
  • Research on the China Image II (2014)
  • Mode Effects: Social Desirability Bias and Middle Response (Web Survey)


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