Below is a list of newly released and revised data of the Survey Research Data Archive (SRDA):

Government Surveys
• Economic Status Survey of Indigenous Peoples (2002)
• Survey of Travel by R.O.C. Citizens (2016)
• Tour Bus Service Survey (2015)
• Small Private Passenger Cars Usage Survey (2016)
• Bicycle Usage Survey (2017)
• Motorcycle Usage Survey (2005, 2016)
• Motor Vehicle Freight Traffic Survey (2014- 2017)
• Survey on National Hakka Population and Language Basic Data (2004, 2008, 2010-2011, 2014, 2016)
• Adult Education Survey in Taiwan (2014)
• Students Participate in All Levels of Education (2016)
• The Survey of Family Income and Expenditure (2017)


Ministry of Science and Technology Project and Academic Surveys
• Revisit Night Markets: Marketing System, Political Economy and Cultural Meanings
• Partisan Orientations of Invisible Voters
• Taiwan’s Election and Democratization Study, 2016-2020 (I): Telephone and Mobile Phone Interview Survey of the Presidential Satisfaction–The Nineteenth Wave (TEDS2017_PA03)
• Cost of Illness of Dementia in Taiwan
• Taiwanese College Students’ Learning Engagement, Learning Outcomes, and Personal/Social Development (I)
• Panel Study of Family Dynamics: RI2003
• Taiwan Social Change Survey (Round 7, Year 3): Social Stratification (2017)
• The Effects Social Exchange Relationships on Expatriates’ Overseas Adjustment: The Mediating Roles of Psychological Empowerment and Work Stress

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