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The Most Difficult Language In The World? An Exclusive Interview with the Linguist Jo-Wang Lin

Why research into linguistics
That man is the soul of the universe is due to the importance of languages. Through languages, people gain knowledge, deliver culture, and over time form diverse civilizations. For the deep side of researching linguistics, the purpose of it is to explore the essence of human beings. Practically, linguistics helps people learn different languages by looking at the logic and principles of …

There Are Film Editors Living in Our Bodies! Dr. Soo-Chen Cheng’s Research on RNA Splicing

If DNA is a script recording what kind of film that organisms should play, RNAs are movie clips which are filmed according to the script. These clips need some further “editing” to constitute a movie in accordance with the storyline. The team members of “editors” in cells who cooperate with each other are composed of five small nuclear RNAs (snRNAs), and multiple protein factors and protein complexes.