Please see the table of contents below:
1. Kuei-chen Lin, “From the Perspective of the Xueshan Mountain Range: The ‘Ancestral Land’ of the Chengdu Plain during the Bronze Age.”
2. Zhongzheng Gao, “Textual Dissemination and Variation: A New Study on the ‘Modern Script’ and ‘Ancient Script’ of Shangshu.”
3. Guang Yang, “The Reproduction and Dissemination of Knowledge: A Genealogical Analysis of Historical Writings on the Early Southern Song Dynasty Published from 1240–1340.”
4. Bao-yu Ruan, “The Formation of the Dayun Grain Tribute Transportation System in the Qing Dynasty.”

Full articles are accessible online:

Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Volume 93 Part 3 is now available online