1. Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Dr. Tiow-Gan Ong (Institute of Chemistry)
Dr. Chin-Fei Lee (Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics)
Dr. Jung-Hsin Lin (Research Center for Applied Sciences)
Dr. Huan-Cheng Chang (Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences)
Dr. Frédéric Deschamps (Institute of Earth Sciences)

2. Division of Life Sciences
Dr. Na-Sheng Lin (Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology)
Dr. Paul Verslues (Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology)
Dr. Pung-Pung Hwang (Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology)
Dr. Yijuang Chern (Institute of Biomedical Sciences)
Dr. Yi-Fang Tsay (Institute of Molecular Biology)
Dr. Hsueh-Chi Sherry Yen (Institute of Molecular Biology)

3. Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Dr. Pingyi Chu (Institute of History and Philology)
Dr. Ching-Chong Lai (Institute of Economics)

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