In May 2018, Academician Ying-Hui Fu was elected as a member of the United States National Academy of Sciences. Just two months later, she was honored by being chosen as one of Academia Sinica’s newest Academicians during its 32nd Convocation, and in October was elected to be a member of the United States National Academy of Medicine. All three honors profoundly recognized her outstanding academic contributions.

Dr. Fu currently serves at UC San Francisco, specializing in human genetics and neuroscience, with her main fields of study being myelin biology as well as circadian rhythms and sleep behavior. The former field focuses on demyelinating diseases, while the latter concerns the ways in which human genes related to sleep regulate our slumber and overall physiology.

Long recognized as the United States’ most prestigious scientific institution, the National Academy of Sciences was founded during the Civil War in 1863 to provide the government with policy recommendations on health, education, welfare, and science. The year 2018 witnessed the election of 84 new members and 21 new foreign associates to the National Academy of Sciences, which has a total of 2,382 members and 484 foreign associates. The National Academy of Medicine is one of the most distinguished academic institutes worldwide, and being elected to this august body is one of the highest honors for scientists in health and medicine. At present, the National Academy of Medicine has 2,178 members and 159 foreign associates.