Academician Chun-Yen Chang passed away in Taiwan on October 12, 2018. He was 81 years old.

Dr. Chang was one of the key founders of Taiwan’s semi-conductor industry, his fields of expertise being semiconductor physics, VLSI technology, and nano-biological devices. In 1964, Dr. Chang joined his colleagues, Dr. Jui-Fu Chang and Dr. Shuang-Fa Kuo, in founding the Semiconductor Research Center, the first organization of its kind in Taiwan. The first domestically-produced integrated circuit was built there, which helped Taiwan embark on the path to becoming a country with world-class semi-conductor technology.

Upon receiving his Ph.D. from National Chiao Tung University, Dr. Chang became Taiwan’s first locally-educated doctoral holder in engineering. During his distinguished career at National Chiao Tung University, Dr. Chang served as Dean of the College of Engineering, Dean of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Vice-President for Research and Development, culminating in his becoming University President in 1998. Moreover, Dr. Chang founded National Nano Device Laboratories, an institution that not only functioned as a pioneer for conducting research on integrated circuits, gallium arsenide, and amorphous silicon, but also the cradle of numerous talents in electrical technology for Taiwan. He also served as Senior Researcher for Bell Labs in the United States.

Dr. Chang’s many accolades include the Presidential Science Prize, Nikkei Asia Science Prize, and IEEE Third Millennium Medal. In addition, he was elected as Foreign Associate by the United States National Academy of Engineering, National Endowed Chair Professor by the Ministry of Education, and Lifetime Chair Professor by National Chiao Tung University. Dr. Chang was elected as Academician during the 21st Convocation of 1996.