Founded in 1984, Academia Sinica Weekly has accompanied colleagues across Academia Sinica through the years for over three decades. Readers not only find out about the newest research achievements of their peers through this weekly newsletter; they also have the opportunity to learn new scientific knowledge from different fields of study from the featured columns. Readers and their feedback have been integral to the newsletter; continued support from readers is the main reason why this weekly publication has continued on to this date.

Coinciding with its 35th anniversary, Academia Sinica Weekly rolls out a brand new look, just in time to commemorate the upcoming anniversary celebrations of the founding of Academia Sinica. But that’s not all there is to celebrate. With the launch of a new look, Academia Sinica Weekly also endeavors to make this publication a platform that showcases and chronicles the special stories and experiences of each and every one of our readers here at the academy.

Colleagues throughout Academia Sinica all have stories worth sharing. The “Letters from Colleagues” column will be a place for our colleagues to share their thoughts and opinions. For more details on how to contribute to this column, please see the “Academia Sinica News” section.

In this upcoming special issue, Academia Sinica Weekly would like to invite colleagues to submit writing selections to the topic of “At Academia Sinica, I am…” Content featured in the submissions should cover thoughts and experiences that relate to Academia Sinica. Submitted works will be published under the real name of the author and his/her affiliation within the academy. Submissions should not exceed 1,000 words or characters. Please use 800 words or characters and two included figures as a guideline. Authors of submissions chosen for the newsletter will receive a special gift.

To share your unique story and experience, please send your submission to