The newest issue of Academia Economic Papers has just been published by the Institute of Economics. Articles in this issue (Vol. 50, No. 2) include:
1. Chien-Liang Chen and Chung-Ming Kuan, “Revisiting Taiwan’s New Pension Scheme and the Related Welfare Payment Policies on Private Sector Wages” (in Chinese)
2. Shinemay Chen, Wei-Min Hu, and Cheng-Hsin Lin, “The Impact of Tax Information Exchange Agreements on Broken Links in Overseas Ownership Structure of Taiwan’s Multinational Corporations” (in Chinese)
3. Jenn-Shyong Kuo, Tsan-Yu Wu, Yilien Han, and Yen-Ju Chen, “The Extent of Implicit Tax at the Corporate Level and Tax Reform” (in Chinese)

Detailed information may be obtained on the Journal’s website:

Academia Economic Papers Vol. 50, No. 2 has been published