Academia Sinica Newsletter is the combination and revision of Academia Sinica’s Weekly News and E-News. Weekly News started being published in 1984. It released its Chinese electronic newsletter in 2005 and its English electronic newsletter in 2007. Weekly News was an important media platform and communication channel among colleagues within Academia Sinica. It was published on Thursdays every week and printed about 500 copies. The total number of subscribers for its electronic newsletter exceeded 5,000 people.

To expand the reach and scope of Academia Sinica Newsletter and E-News, to align even more closely to modern usage needs, to offer better service, and to integrate Academia Sinica’s institution-wide information publishing platform, and to re-position this publication, beginning in June 2018, the trial version of this publication will appear with a new title, style, and content. after six months of planning, testing, and revision.

The important changes are as follows:

  1. Title: The title Weekly News is not easily identified as an internal publication for Academia Sinica. Therefore, starting in June 2018, the newsletter will change its Chinese title to 中研院訊. The English title will be Academia Sinica Newsletter.
  2. Biweekly Publication: To provide quality articles, and to adapt to digital publishing, the newsletter will become a biweekly newsletter starting from July, 2018. Please refer to the website( for more information on the new article submission process.
  3. E-Newsletter: In addition to the existing functions, the new website will archive past issues with an easily searchable tab. Furthermore, the improved subscription method and newly-added member service functions allow readers to receive information about Academia Sinica faster. This revision uses responsive web design (RWD) to provide a smoother browsing experience for different devices. It also links to Academia Sinica’s website, social media, and other main platforms, thereby becoming an important communication platform that inter-connects Academia Sinica community.
  4. Paper Newsletter: According to statistics, the number of readers who use the paper version of the newsletter is decreasing. Moving forward, the website will automatically provide a PDF file for each newsletter for readers to download and print the needed information.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions after viewing the Academia Sinica Newsletter, please feel free to provide your feedback (see below for contact information). More information about the update/revision will be released on Academia Sinica’s website, newsletter, and Facebook page. If you have any concerns before the official release, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your interest and opinion will help us create a better Academia Sinica Newsletter.

(Department of Secretariat)