Time: 19:00, Friday, April 19, 2019 (Admission time starts at 18:30)

Venue: 1F Auditorium, Activating Center, Academia Sinica

Performer: The Taivoan Dance Theatre

Admission: Free


The Taivoan Dance Theatre is found by the people in the Xiaolin village in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In the performance, we dance not only to pass down the culture but also transfer the gratitude to people who helped us before. At the same time, we dance to heal ourselves. We even cried during the process of dancing, since we knew that we were not only dancing for ourselves- we also danced for the families passed by, for the ancestral spirit, and for the people who were still surrounded. We believe that even the newly established Xiaolin village is separated into three communities, every time when we sing and dance together happily, our heart become closer regardless of the distance. Our Grateful trip has begun; we joined several performances these years in Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Korea.

It’s the first time came to Academia Sinica, the profound cultural heritage and sincere singing music will touch everyone.