Time: Wednesday and Thursday, July 11 to 12, 2018

Venue: B1C, Institute of Biomedical Science, Academia Sinica


Speaker: Fu-Tong Liu, Kay-Hooi Khoo, Takashi Angata, Hung-Lin Chen, Chun-Hung Lin, Chung-Yi Wu, Yijuang Chern, Alice Lin-Tsing Yu

Host: Vice President Fu-Tong Liu


Organized by: MoST Glycoscience Research Program Office

Co- Organizer: Institute of Biomedical Science, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica

Sponsored by: Ministry of Science and Technology Research Promotion Center for Life Sciences

Website: http://goo.gl/nWctHW

Registration Deadline: Thursday, July 5, 2018

Contact: Glycoscience Research Program Office, +886-2-2652-3906, glycoprogram@gate.sinica.edu.tw