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Academia Sinica Newly-Appointed Staff Report-for-Duty Registration Sheet
period of registration
documents or applications unit in charge signature of the staff in charge
the day of report-for-duty
  • report-for-duty sheet
  • dismissal certificate/letter from previous employment institution/ organization
  • appointment letter
  • government employee service oath 
Human Resources Office
(the First Section;
Appointment & Recall)
the day of report-for-duty
  • government employee resume
  • photocopy of ID card (international staff: photocopy of passport)
Human Resources Office
(the Second Section; Performance Evaluation)
within 10 days after report-for-duty
  • Government Employees' and School Staffs' Insurance Card
  • registration for "Public Service Pension Fund"
  • purchasing card (one photo enclosed)
Human Resources Office
(the Third Section; Welfare)
  • living conditions detail
  • application for transportation fare
  • photocopy of postal passbook and ID card (international staff: passport)
  • application for income tax exemption (please check http://www.ntak.gov.tw// ntak-eng/service/guide.asp for more information)
General Affairs Office
(Staff work for
institute/center, please
contact institute/center
  • application for parking permit in Academia Sinica
General Affairs Office  
  • application for stocks-holding in the general store in Academia Sinica
AS General Store (Staff
work for institute/center,
please contact
institute/center clerk)


  1. Staff with license in practicing medicine, should make profession change or invalidation, according to the medicine personnel regulation.
  2. After completing registration, please hand in this sheet to Human Resources Office.

Staff Report-for-Duty Information

  1. For details regarding report-for-duty registration, please contact your institute/center clerk. Staff work in Administration Office or Computing Center, please contact Human Resources Office.
  2. In order to protect your rights, newly-appointed staff should prepare the following documents for registration or applications:
      (1) report-for-duty sheet (到職簽報單)
      (2) newly-appointed staff report-for-duty registration sheet (新進人員報到程序單)
      (3) government employee service oath (公務人員服務誓言)
      (4) “government employee resume” with one photo attached (公務人員履歷表並黏貼相片)
      (5) Government Employees’ and School Staffs’ Insurance card  (GESSI)(公務人員保險卡)
      (6) application for NHI (National Health Insurance) IC Card(全民健保投保申請表)
      (7) registration for “Public Service Pension Fund”(參加公務人員退休撫卹基金)
      (8) appointment letter(應聘書或派令)
      (9) original & photocopy of highest education certificate(最高學歷證書)
      (10) original & photocopy of discharge certificate from the army(退伍令正、影本)
      (11) photocopy of passport and ARC card (Alien Resident Certificate)(護照及外僑居留證影本)
      (12) dismissal certificate from previous employment institution/organization(原服務單位離職證明)
  3. If you are transferred from other government institution/organization, your previous institution/organization will automatically transfer your personal information/documents to Academia Sinica, or you will be given the documents for registration. After reporting for duty, please contact your institute/center clerk or human resources office for further details.
  4. Other applications:
    (1) living conditions detail: applying for transportation fare
    (2) application for income tax exemption: please check the following for more information  http://www.ntak.gov.tw//ntak-eng/service/guide.asp
    (3) application for stocks-holding in the general store in Academia Sinica
    (4) application for service ID card
    (5) application for parking permit in Academia Sinica
    (6) application for purchasing card (the general store for military & education personnel and government employee)
    (7) photocopy of postal passbook 
    For applications mentioned above, please contact your institute/center clerk. Staff work in “Administration Office” or “Computing Center”, please contact the office/unit in charge.
  5. Contract Employee:
    Contract employee should sign in “Employment Agreement” (contract) before report-for-duty, fill in personnel information card and register in accordance with institute/center/department regulations. The unit/office in charge will help with the details of labor insurance, health insurance, payment, and attendance & leave management.
  6. Staff (appointed or contract employee) with “disabled handbook” or “indigenous identity”, please hand in related documents while reporting for duty.

The Chinese text of this information shall be deemed the original. In the event of any dispute or misunderstanding as to the interpretation of the language or terms of this information, the Chinese language version shall govern.


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