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Academia Sinica E-news No.536
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Academia Sinica Lecture in Humanities and Social Sciences
Knowledge Feast Lecture for November: When Tradition Meets Modern Formosan Herbal Medicine for Cancer Therapy
Macroeconometrics Modelling Workshop, MMW 2017
Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy Vol. 29, No. 3 is now available
Bulletin Board
Awardees of 2018 Investigator Award Academia Sinica
Application Announcement: 2018 Dr. Hu Shih Memorial Chair
December Performance: Chalo India
World of Knowledge
Post-translational modification of glycosylation on therapeutic monoclonal antibodies – the means to the immune modulation
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Awardees of 2018 Investigator Award Academia Sinica
Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
 Dr. Yuh-Lin Wang (Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences)
 Dr. Ching Hung Lam (Institute of Mathematics)
 Dr. Keiichi Umetsu (Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics)
Division of Life Sciences
 Dr. Kuo-I Lin (Genomics Research Center)
 Dr. Carmay Lim (Institute of Biomedical Sciences)
 Dr. Ruey-Hwa Chen (Institute of Biological Chemistry)
 Dr. Woan-Yuh Tarn (Institute of Biomedical Sciences)
 Dr. Erh-Min Lai (Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology)
Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences
 Dr. Sher-shiueh Li (Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy)
 Dr. Wen-Jen Tsay (Institute of Economics)

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