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Academia Sinica E-news No.528
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Lecture in Honor of Former President Ta-You Wu─ 40 years’ oncogene research
Knowledge Feast Lecture for September: Privacy in the Information Society
2017 Sunney Chan Lecture
Conference of Methods and Applications on Policy Evaluation
Lecture of the Institute of European and American Studies
Religion in China and Its Modern Fate is now available
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Religion in China and Its Modern Fate is now available
  Paul Katz, Distinguished Research Fellow of the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, has published a Chinese translation of Religion in China and Its Modern Fate on July 2017. This book is a translation of his Jerusalem Lectures in Memory of Professor Menahem Stern, presented in June 2012, published in English in 2014. Based on the Thematic Research Project, he undertook with Vincent Goossaert, this book examines the monumental changes that have affected modern Chinese religions, from the first all-out assault on them during the 1898 reforms to the eve of the Communist takeover of the mainland. Tracing the ways in which the vast religious resources (texts, expertise, symbolic capital, material wealth, etc.) that circulated throughout Chinese society during the late imperial period were reconfigured during this later era, this book sheds new light on modern Chinese religious life and the understudied nexus between religion and modern political culture.

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